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Fox and (thanks for the new) Friends

Today, Fox & Friends took a video clip of a 100% ISR skilled child and turned it into a shock and awe story to get more viewers.

One of the headlines on the preview to this story was "Controversial Parenting"....

.....What this "catchy" headline that Fox uses to draw viewers doesn't tell you is that the parent of the child in the video lost a child to drowning. If you follow my Facebook page, you've probably seen me post about The Live Like Jake Foundation. The little girl in the video is Jake's little sister, Josie. Jake was only 2 years old on Thanksgiving weekend in 2013 when he went missing for only minutes and drowned in the intracoastal waterway in FL. This is Jake Morrison. He never got to meet his little sister Josie.

Jake's parents are EXCELLENT parents and this was an ACCIDENT. What this caption should say is:

"Parents teach daughter to save her own life after son's tragic accident; provide scholarships to others for lifesaving lessons"

Six month-old Josie is not "struggling to stay afloat" She has gone through nearly 6 weeks of daily, one on one training to get to this point.

Hey Fox & Friends: perhaps this 2013 video of yours will jog your memory on this subject.

Instead of omitting that you know nothing about what this baby has learned, it would be better to provide some background on the story.

But really, Fox, thank you! You've given drowning prevention, ISR, and The Live Like Jake Foundation loads of attention today, just in time for summer! Thanks for the new friends!

Readers, be sure to sign up for the 2nd Annual Live Like Jake 5k! You don't have to live in Florida to join in the lifesaving efforts of this foundation - you can run or walk or bike virtually from wherever you are! Or sleep in and donate from the couch!

Sign up for the 2nd Annual Live Like Jake 5K and Help Prevent Drowning!

See this video to learn more about the Live Like Jake Foundation and visit

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